A Reflection from Daphne Zintak: High School Junior, St. Luke's Parishoner & Emmaus House Volunteer

I’ve been volunteering at Emmaus House for about 6 years now, after hearing all the stories from my mom, who worked there with her mom back in the ‘70’s. The first few years I volunteered were a little awkward, because the kids were so close to my age and I didn’t really feel a connection. Once I got to high school, I felt like I was actually making an impact in these kids' lives, which feels great. Volunteering at Emmaus House has helped me realize how much I have and how little other people have and how important it is to work with and befriend kids who live in tough communities.

One of the most important places that I think helped Emmaus House kids is when they get to go to Camp Mikell. I’ve never seen kids so upset to leave a place that feeds them 3 meals every single day for 6 days straight. These kids also get upset that they have to leave a place that is so loving and accepting --- Emmaus House is a place where I can show kids who are less fortunate that there is some good in the world and that there are nice people in this world that care about what happens to them.  Emmaus House really shines a little light for kids on Saturday mornings-and for the volunteers, too!

– Daphne Zintak                                                                                                               Mount Vernon High School Junior, St. Luke’s Parishioner & Emmaus House Volunteer


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