Get involved 

Emmaus House believes in engaging a diverse group of people to share in our mission. Volunteer opportunities allow friends of Emmaus House to walk alongside our program participants in mutually beneficial ways.

Available positions will be listed here.

Youth on the Move Volunteer Opportunities

Youth on the Move, an Emmaus House after-school program for youth in grades 6–12, seeks volunteers. Please contact Rakia Reeves at if you are interested in providing students with academic support and motivation, or encouraging students to explore careers by talking with them about your profession.

Homework Tutor

Responsibilities ‣ Assist students with daily homework assignments and projects. Provide constructive feedback and guidance.  

Qualifications ‣ HS Diploma. Patience and high expectations of all students. Must be encouraging and a good listener.

Career Speakers

Responsibilities ‣ Talk with students about current profession. Talk should include required preparation as well as current responsibilities. Speaker should also be willing to address challenges they have overcome. Interactive, engaging formats are encouraged.

Qualifications ‣ Currently (or recently) working in the field. Must be encouraging and positive.