Greg Cole Named Executive Director of Emmaus House

Dear Members of the Emmaus House Community and Supporters,

A few months ago, we wrote to you with the news that the Executive Director of Emmaus House was moving to Chicago to pursue a new opportunity.  At that time, the Advisory Board began its efforts to identify a new Executive Director, but to ensure that the programs of Emmaus House continued uninterrupted, Greg Cole, Director of Development for the last four years, was appointed the Deputy Director of Emmaus House to help lead us in continuing our work in the Peoplestown neighborhood of Atlanta.

At the time, the decision to promote Greg was based on our desire to maintain stability and continuity in the senior leadership at Emmaus House and our faith in Greg to provide that leadership. After observing Greg’s performance in this senior leadership position and conducting an extensive review and interview process regarding his strengths, motivations, goals, objectives, and commitment to the organization, the Advisory Board is pleased to announce that Greg Cole has been named Executive Director of Emmaus House.  

Greg was an integral part of the development of Emmaus House’s new Strategic Plan that was launched in late 2016, and he is dedicated to promoting the strategic priorities captured in the Plan:  

  • Economic Success
  • Academic Achievement & Youth Development
  • Grassroots Leadership & Social Justice

As we enter our 51st year, we are excited to see the mission of Emmaus Housein such capable and committed hands.  Through Greg and the entire leadership team at Emmaus House, we continue (in the words of the Strategic Plan) to “harness the power of community, education, hope and love to dismantle poverty, racism, and other barriers to opportunity in the lives and communities we serve.”

Thank you for your ongoing support,


Ward S. Bondurant

Chair, Emmaus House Advisory Board

From the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

 The Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta and the Rt. Rev. Robert C. Wright are pleased to announce that Greg Cole has been named the new executive director of EmmausHouse in Atlanta. Emmaus House is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta that provides vital support, education, and services to residents in the Peoplestown community.

Cole previously held the title of deputy director following the departure of former Emmaus House Executive Director Joseph Mole in December. Cole joined the staff of Emmaus House in 2013 as director of development and communications.

“I am honored to serve Emmaus House as we move into our next 50 years,” Cole said. “As we have for the last 50, we will continue to advocate for those in our community whose voices are not heard.”

The Rt. Rev. Robert C. Wright, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, is looking forward to the future of Emmaus House with Cole as executive director. “We are delighted that Greg will lead Emmaus House at this important time,” the Rev. Wright said. “He has the heart of a servant, the mind of a leader, and is on fire for this work. Emmaus House and the Peoplestown community will be well served by Greg’s leadership.”

Cole received a Master of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School and earned a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management from the University of North Florida. He has also worked with the Episcopal Church in a variety of capacities, including as a stewardship consultant to the national church.

Before his tenure at Emmaus House, Cole served as director of development for Habitat For Humanity in Jacksonville, Florida. While there, he developed a strong interest in community development as it pertains to poverty reduction, he said.

Since adding Cole to its staff four years ago as director of development and communications, Emmaus House has almost doubled the financial support that it receives, allowing it to dramatically increase its programs and its effectiveness in the neighborhoods it serves. Now as executive director, Cole will lead the organization in its continued efforts to support the residents of Peoplestown as they work toward economic security.

“During this time of community change, we want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to thrive in Peoplestown and the surrounding neighborhoods,” Cole said. “I’m thrilled to work at an organization that’s dedicated to making measurable, systemic change that results in transformed lives.”