Connecting Families at EH: Tanisha Corporal, Case Manager

Each month, a member of our staff will share a look into their programs and experiences working at Emmaus House. This month's entry of ‘Staff Musings’ comes from our Case Manager, Tanisha Corporal. 

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As a case manager at Emmaus House, I lead the Peoplestown Family Initiative (PFI). I walk alongside families as they work to improve their lives. PFI promotes family economic success through supportive services and intensive case management. Each week, I witness the pride and confidence that develops as our families achieve the goals they have set.

In 2017, our partnerships with local agencies helped us provide financial and educational support to 25 low-income families seeking self-sufficiency. We coordinated services related to employment, housing, literacy, education, and other key indicators of stability for our program participants.

I am especially proud of the PFI program and the work that Emmaus House does to help families thrive. Personally, I live in a neighboring community and have some knowledge of the challenges experienced by residents of under-resourced urban areas. From access to quality child care to workforce readiness, Emmaus House connects families to the resources they need.

In February, we will host our program kick-off, where participants will receive updates about the program, have an opportunity to evaluate their individual progress and refine their plans. I could not be more thrilled!

In some ways, you could say that I am an intentional neighbor – living in and serving in my community. I look forward to expanding our program to reach more families in the upcoming program year.

Tanisha Corporal
Case Manager