Promoting family success

The Peoplestown Family Initiative (PFI) promotes family economic success through support services and intensive case management.

PFI typically offers 30–40 heads-of-households an intensive year-long journey toward stabilization and self-sufficiency. We give priority to low-income parents of children in the Peoplestown neighborhood and zip code 30315.

Guiding families to self-sufficiency

Participants in PFI benefit from the coordination of services that decrease barriers and lead to successful employment. These services include rental, utility, medical, transportation assistance, financial literacy, and education. Through partnerships with major collaborative agencies, Emmaus House serves as a hub of support and service coordination to deepen impact and give critical financial and educational assistance to low-income parents and individuals seeking self-sufficiency for themselves and their families.

We use the Self Sufficiency Matrix (an evidence-based model) to assess and measure progress toward self-sufficiency in 19 key indicators of stability.

PFI participants also have access to Emmaus House's food pantry, providing healthy food options and household supplies. Learn more about our food pantry

More information

For more information, please contact the PFI Manager, Tanisha Corporalat (404) 525-5948 ext. 29 or