GEORGIA GIVES DAY and The Sustained Effort Towards Social Justice

Having garnered a huge success with our Thanksgiving Turkeys for Families (thank you all!), we swiftly turn our attention to encouraging the continued outpouring of generosity by participating in tomorrow's Georgia Gives Day.  

This Thursday, November 13, the Georgia Center for Nonprofits (GCN) conducts its annual fundraising day.  

Georgia Gives Day is a focused 24 hours of "flash mob giving".  It may not sound as exciting as finding yourself dancing in the streets in a spontaneous flash mob celebration, but the payback is just as uplifting and the results are truly far reaching and worth celebrating!  To read more see The Daily Tribune article by Marie Nesmith here: The Daily Tribune News - Georgia Gives Day highlights nonprofits.

The Georgia Center for Nonprofits has built a collaboration of partnerships with nonprofits, state agencies, businesses, foundations, and associations.  The GCN is a one-stop clearinghouse for change.  There, you can find multiple areas of concern to which you can donate both time and resources.  GCN's vision statement from their website reads: "GCN’s vision is to build the country’s highest performing state-focused resource center, and to position Georgia as a national model for nonprofit excellence and achievement. GCN is on a journey inspired by our belief that nonprofits are essential components of a healthy democracy and thriving communities, and by our conviction that strong nonprofits working together can achieve anything they desire."  See more here.Please visit them and get involved!

Emmaus House is honored to be a partner and supports the work of GCN.  As an organization that has been fighting for social and economic justice in Atlanta since 1967, we recognize that being part of a coalition exponentially increases the synergy of our efforts.  The democratic process of improving the lives of all people is a continuing campaign and an uphill battle.

Towards that goal of equality for all, Emmaus House Atlanta Executive Director, Joseph Mole, recently began a 10 month collaboration with eleven other nonprofit leaders through the Annie E. Casey Foundation's Atlanta Leaders for Results initiative.  The purpose is to find real solutions to a very specific question:  How will we turn the curve for children and families in our own communities through our own offerings?  In other words, how will our programs create tangible results in changing the trajectory of lives?  How can we create curriculums that move others' beyond poverty and help individuals and families realize their personal aspirations?  Here at Emmaus House, in addition to our relief efforts, we work hard to grow such initiatives, both established and on the drawing board.  We are keenly passionate in offering strategies that develop actual skill sets that allow individuals, through their own efforts, to end personal poverty.  Partnering with various other agencies and groups will contribute vastly to creating positive tangible outcomes in the lives of those within our community of Peoplestown.

Donating through the GCN’s Georgia Gives Day is an excellent and efficient way to deliver resources to the groups and issues all of us are passionate about supporting.  A search function on the Georgia Gives site will assist you in finding participating groups you wish to support. Search on the Georgia Gives Day website or visit the Emmaus House Atlanta page here. 

Please donate generously.  Thank you.

In closing, the potentially larger and certainly more immediate effect of donating through Georgia Gives Day is the awareness raising and concerted efforts that it fosters.  Those efforts and the subsequent consciousness raising will help transform our society towards justice and equity for all.  Thank you all for all you do.

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