Comfort and Joy in Peoplestown

A Message from Joseph Mole

I love this time of year.  For many of us, the stretch between Thanksgiving and the New Year is full of celebration, food, family, and friends.  Even in the “helping” field, we often see a decline in familial conflicts as folks suspend their grievances with one another in the spirit of the season.  For many, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

In Peoplestown, Emmaus House plays a significant role in ushering in the holiday season.  For the 350 families who will participate in our Thanksgiving at Home program, it will be a great beginning to the season.  They will have all the ingredients for a traditional Thanksgiving feast, thanks to those who donated through our Thanksgiving Turkeys for Families campaign.  This was our first attempt at crowd-funding and it was a great success.  We exceeded our goal of $3,000 ($3,125 at last count), and over half of those who donated did so for the first time.  Thank you to each person who participated for your generosity!

Once the Thanksgiving celebration ends and the holiday shopping season begins, we enter a season of stress and pressure for the parents of many of our Peoplestown families.  With many parents already struggling to make ends meet, the expectation of providing another holiday meal and gifts for their children is often difficult to meet.  To this end, Emmaus House invites you to bring a little comfort and joy to a family by forming a Christmas Family Partnership.

Individuals, families, and groups may partner with a Peoplestown family to provide gifts and household supplies to help ease the pressure on parents.  Emmaus House will supply a list of needs to facilitate your shopping (including household needs, clothing, and gifts).  Family Partners should expect to spend between $75 and $150 per person in the family.

Please contact Ann Fowler at for more information.  She will pair you with a family and provide a list of suggested gifts based on family composition and needs. Gifts should be delivered to Emmaus House by December 21.

Your generosity will bring comfort and joy to a family in need this Christmas.  Thank you for spreading cheer and goodwill to our neighbors in Peoplestown this holiday season and all year round.

Grace and peace,

Joseph Mole, LMSW

Executive Director


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