Staff Musings: A Look into the Lokey Center

Each month, a member of our staff will share a look into their programs and experiences working at Emmaus House. This month's entry of ‘Staff Musings’ comes from our Director of Social Services, Adam Seely.


The Muriel Lokey Center is always a hub of energy and the holidays bring even more activity as we attempt to meet the increased needs. Our task is great, but we don’t do it alone. From social services resources to our food pantry, I am thankful that many partners support our work to strengthen families. This year, we have been blessed by the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

They have selected us as a recipient of the Food First Capacity Grant. This grant of $50,000 will go towards expanding our food pantry services and selections. It’s part of a research study that will provide better insight into the effects of food insecurity on the families that we serve. This information will help us to better support them.

Over the last 3 years, I have seen the Lokey Center transform lives. Increasingly, people come to us for rent and utility help, employment opportunities, help with medical bills, and earned benefits assistance. Our team is always happy to be a part of our neighbors’ journey to greater financial stability. Though it is sometimes difficult, we are eager to help and are grateful for the gifts that continue to bless our work.

Adam Seely
Director of Social Services