A Holiday Gift That Supports Equity and Justice


This year, Emmaus House commemorated our 50 years of service in Peoplestown. As we’ve celebrated, we’ve had the opportunity to learn so much more about our rich history of standing for justice and equity. We’ve honored the residents of this community as well as the many fascinating people who have made their mark on Emmaus House over the years. We have a past worthy of celebration!

Amid all this excitement, we know that our work is far from over. That’s why our theme this year has been “Forward From 50.” Too many families remain hungry, too many adults lack employment that provides livable wages, and too many children still fall behind in school. These are just some of the obstacles our hardworking neighbors face as they work to create more stable and healthy lives for their families. Together, we can be part of the solution!

During the holiday season, food is often at the center of our festivities. Through an extraordinary partnership with the Atlanta Community Food Bank, we continue to increase the amount of food that we distribute to neighbors who need it. Our goal is to remove hunger as a barrier so that our neighbors can work to overcome other challenges that make it difficult for them to provide for their families.

As you gather at your table with families and friends during this holiday season in gratitude for the abundance that you enjoy — we invite you to consider sharing some of that abundance. Your donation enables us to work alongside our neighbors for equity in Peoplestown by providing education, opportunity, assistance, and advocacy.