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Giving Tuesday: Giving Back Goes Viral

A new wave of grassroots philanthropy is rising in the hearts of many as more and more people join helping hands to unite for positive change.  As world, national and local economies continue to face extremely serious challenges, people are rising to the occasion by sharing their personal bounty, energy and time in helping others.

GivingTuesday is one such web-based facilitator. It is both an organization and an event.

We've had Thanksgiving Thursday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday all followed by Giving Tuesday this December 2nd.  This is the third annual Giving Tuesday campaign. This year, owing to its previous success, Giving Tuesday incorporates an international component to raise worldwide awareness and share the joy of giving back.  This consciousness raising is, perhaps, Giving Tuesday's biggest contribution.  

Through their website the example of giving is being promoted by a savvy campaign titled "The Unselfie".  Here's how their crowd photo sharing campaign works:    Write your contribution of time, energy or cash on a small placard.  Take a 'selfie' holding your sign, tag with #unselfie and any charity close to your heart and post to your social media pages. 

Simple as that!  By sharing your personal example, it will inspire others to be more selfless while promoting specific ways to give back.

Giving Tuesday also provides tools to increase the fundraising effectiveness of organizations.  

In addition to being cheerleader for giving, the web-based organization helps individuals, groups and organizations identify causes and recipients and directly supports a plethora of causes by channeling funds to smaller organizations and persons.  The areas range from helping individuals achieve educational goals, to environmental causes such as saving sea turtles.  To view some of the fantastic work they are helping promote, visit their FaceBook and website news pages.

If you would like to add your voice and heart to a concerted global community of giving, Emmaus House encourages you to join hands with the human community by participating in Giving Tuesday this December 2nd.  If you've already contributed to Emmaus House or wish to do so, please take an 'unselfie' and upload it to the Giving Tuesday site.  This will not only help increase contributions to Emmaus House's efforts but will help inspire others to give of themselves in helping recreate a more bountiful world for all.  

So please spread the word to family and friends!  Encourage them to contribute whatever they can of personal time or resources to Emmaus House or their favorite organization, issue or cause... and don't forget to inspire others by participating in the worldwide unselfie campaign.

Walk the Road 2014 – “Growing Solutions to Living in a Food Desert”

Walk the Road 2014 – “Growing Solutions to Living in a Food Desert”Sunday, September 28, 2014 from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, a food desert is an urban area without ready access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food.

How can the residents and supporters of Peoplestown work to increase the availability of quality, healthy foods?  We will explore important issue using group discussions, service projects, and a walk to neighborhood convenience stores to shop for a nutritious meal.

A panel discussion will examine the impact of food deserts on public health in Atlanta, considering the following questions:

  • How can we develop alternative retail outlets and grow food locally?
  • How can we get a grocery store in our neighborhood?
  • How do we substitute convenience with quality?

There will be three service projects:

  • Making sandwiches for distribution in the Lokey Center
  • Sorting cans of food for the food pantry
  • The Game of Life (an interactive game that explores the effects of poverty on daily life)

Staff members and community residents will lead groups to the four neighborhood stores to see if it is possible to purchase the ingredients of a healthy meal.

Suggested donation: five cans of food or $5.00 to support our food pantry.  Those who donate will receive a free Walk the Road t-shirt.

A festive cookout will follow.

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